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Dal 14 giugno 2019 al 29 settembre 2019
As part of the exhibitions "Nice 2019: The Odyssey of Cinema. Victorine at 100 »


What are the images made of? Artist, writer, filmmaker, photographer, the production of Alain Fleischer is as protean as fertile: more than fifty books, 350 films but also a body of installations and photographs that can make you dizzy. Yet what he tracks through this superabundance of works and that he explores systematically is a unique subject: what are the images made of, what is their nature? At the heart of this interrogation, this event will pose a very precise question: what distinguishes an arrested image that is set in motion by an animated image suddenly frozen?
It is on the stretch of this reflection that this exhibition will develop, borrowing both images of the old corpus that showing works and new installations. For Alain Fleischer the exhaustion of a reflection can only come from an accumulation of attempts. He can not
"Go around doing two or three works" because his exploration "does not set any limit, no prohibition, nor on the instruments, nor on the supports, nor on the registers".
He has constantly invented to entertain us in the most noble sense of the term, devices as complicated as fun, devices that have the purpose of exploding the photographic illusion. With special instruments made of optics and chemicals he always goes to the basics, what is an image?
On the occasion of this event, new photographic works will be realized and will be mixed with one or more installations as well as projections. Between still images and moving images, the viewer is invited to experience the real and the fictional, the light and the shadow, and is trained in an environment that brings him between dream and realit

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1 place Pierre Gautier - 06300 NICE
Tel : +33(0)4 97 13 42 20
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  • NICE
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