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Dal 17 aprile 2020 al 26 aprile 2020
Allegro brillante: Choreography George Balanchine, Music Piotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky - Oceana: Creation 2011, Choreography Lucinda Childs, Music Osvaldo Golijov - The Ballet of Faust: Creation 2018, Choreography Eric Vu-An, Music Charles Gounod.


- Allegro brillante: If Balanchine revolutionized the classical ballet by reducing it to the essential (the decor and the argument take second place) his work is not austere. It can be compared to that of a Picasso who, having rid the painting of his superfluity, has never given up figuration and mischief. In both cases, the vivacity of the line and the intelligence of the movement are revolutionary, but they do not dry up their art. Allegro Brillante is a major work in the history of dance. "It contains everything I know about classical ballet, in thirteen minutes of time," says Balanchine.

- Oceana: Since the 60s when she participated in the performances of the minimalist and avant-garde collective of Judson Church until Oceana, which she created in 2011 for the Nice Mediterranean Ballet, Lucinda Childs has never stopped refining his quest for perpetual motion. The repetition of the gestures and their multiplication led her to invent a fluid dance which is linked and finds its strength in its eternal recommencement. Oceana is a choreographic chant created from an initial fragment that unfolds into a sumptuous lace.

- The Ballet of Faust: And if the dance was the most irresistible temptations? In this twirling ballet, Faust is the toy of a Mephistopheles mastering like no other the art of movement. At any moment, the terrible tempter lets the love blossom to better resume the next moment. But it is above all the insatiable pleasure of indulging in a nervous and erotic dance that dominates this ballet. The classic vocabulary is used here for a shimmering ballet and shows off in all its virtuosity. A true challenge for dancers, this Faust offers a moment of entertainment not to be missed.

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4-6 rue Saint-François-de-Paule - 06300 NICE
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20:00: Friday, Saturday - 15:00: Sunday

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  • NICE
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  • Vecchia Nizza
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