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martedì 11 gennaio 2022
Salle Juliette Gréco
Compagnie Eranova Between documentary theatre and devastating humour, an invitation to travel through our family history and our DNA...


Hervé Guerrisi and Grégory Carnoli, both grandchildren of Italian immigrants, have often been confronted with a seemingly innocuous question: "Where are you from? What should they answer? And why are they asked this question, which necessarily implies that they are not from here? To try to answer, they probed their family histories, the history of their emigration, that of new migrants or even that of the genetic groups that make up the public, in search of our common ancestor, the cell from which we all descend: LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor). Equipped with a video screen and some chalk, the two comedians deliver the results of their research with a lot of humour, managing to demonstrate scientifically that if we are not identical, we are all alike. A tasty nose-thumbing at racists the world over!

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Salle Juliette Gréco - 5 boulevard de la Colle Belle - 06510 CARROS
Tel : +33(0)493087607
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Full price adult - €18 Reduced price - 14€. FJP member rate - 12€. Students and -18 years old - 10€
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