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Championnat de France de League of Legends

Dal 02 febbraio 2022 al 03 febbraio 2022
Acropolis - Auditorium Apollon
After a year 2021 marked by numerous records and more than 40 million views on the internet, the French League of Legends Championship (LFL) is getting ready to start a new season on January 12th.


It will feature the top 10 French League of Legends teams: Vitality, Karmine Corp, Misfits Premier, BDS, Gamers Origins, LDLC OL, GameWard, Solary as well as two new teams from the second division of the league, Div 2, Mirage Elyandra and Oplon.
While most of the LFL competition days take place "online" with teams competing remotely, the physical events allow players to face the pressure of the stage and the public to see their teams and the star players who make them up more closely. More than 2,000 people per evening will be able to attend the two days of the championship on 2 and 3 February, which will feature five matches each evening.
In addition to the players, the star commentators of the Twitch OTP channel will also make the trip to Nice. This channel has been broadcasting the LFL since its launch and the personalities who host it contribute to the success of the league, which will also be able to rely on an international broadcast from the Northern Arena studios in Canada as of January.
With this double broadcast in French and English on Twitch, several hundred thousand people are expected to follow these two evenings live in partnership with the City of Nice and the Southern Region.

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